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UK Expat Pension Reviews

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Expat Wealth Management

Expat Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advice
Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advice

We help expats based overseas with a range of expat wealth management, retirement planning, financial planning, investment portfolio reviews, and investment services to help them plan for their retirement. We offer individual wealth management and financial planning advice which is personally prepared to each individual as we understand that every persons circumstances are different. We advise on Investment Funds and Pension Funds Transfers into (QROP’s) Qualified Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes and (SIPP’s) Self Invested Personal Pensions. We also help clients with Expat Mortgage’s and all types of Insurance such as Life Insurance and Medical Insurance. We also have links with UK property developers so if you are looking to create a new property portfolio of UK Investment Property without returning to the UK we can be of help. Our developers have new build off plan property or existing built properties available for our clients.

Investment Funds and Portfolio Reviews

As a pension transfer specialist our main focus area is helping UK Expatriates to review their pension funds and investment portfolios to see if it may be worthwhile to switch them around to better performing funds after they have performed a pension transfer. If you haven’t yet transferred your UK pension thats fine we can guide you through the pension review process to see if its worth while also. The Pension Transfer Benefits can make all the difference between retiring happy with a great pension pot or retiring with an under valued pension pot meaning a lower standard of living.

The investment funds can be held in various tax wrappers such as:

Q.R.O.Ps – Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme

S.I.P.P – Self Invested Personal Pension

Offshore Tax Free Investment Bond.

Expat Wealth Management


How Can We Help Our Clients – 3 OPTIONS AVAILABLE


The charges and costs of your current fund provider and the investment wrapper it is held in are competitive and do not warrant changing so there is no need to change any of the funds around. This rarely happens as investment portfolio funds are like individual stocks in that they only perform a certain amount of time before they need to be changed to suit the current market conditions.

2: CHANGE INVESTMENT FUNDS – High OR Expensive Charges

The charges in your current pension plan are high or expensive which will have the effect of reducing your pension pot value. We can help you choose from an existing pre-selected portfolio of funds dependent on your attitude to risk which will help your retirement pot to grow faster and offering increased funds for your retirement. The selected funds for your pension may not be growing at present or may be left dormant so the funds are not producing good returns. As above investment funds are similar to single stocks in that they may not always perform so switching funds regularly is vital to keeping the pension fund performance optimal and growing.

3: Re-balance Portfolio Or Change Whole Portfolio

Re-balancing involves selling a of any mutual funds, ETF’s or stocks that have not performed well. We take these funds and reinvest elsewhere to help keep the portfolio on track to achieve its pre-determined objectives.

Investment is cyclical in nature and asset types (shares, bonds etc.) come in and out of favor as do investment styles (high yield shares have historically performed well in tougher market environments but have lagged in periods of explosive market performance).

A portfolio that is not re-balanced risks having maximum exposure to a style or area of investment just before it falls out of favor and minimum exposure just before it comes back into favor. Regular re-balancing helps investors to take advantage of the ebb and flow of investment fashion. Given the low cost of re balancing it makes sense to keep portfolios in line with the investors’ chosen mix of assets and associated risks.

Pre Selected Portfolio’s

We have existing relationships with some of the best portfolio managers in the asset management industry that are constantly evolving their portfolio selections and keep them at optimal performance to keep client portfolios performing their best.

Using our automated software we can transfer clients into pre-defined and prepared portfolios with the minimal of fuss.

Growth Portfolios – For Younger Investors

  • Conservative Growth Investment Portfolio.
  • Balanced Growth Investment Portfolio.
  • Adventurous Growth Investment Portfolio.

Income Portfolios – For Older Investors or Retired Individuals

  • Conservative Income Investment Portfolio.
  • Balanced Income Investment Portfolio.
  • Adventurous Income Investment Portfolio.

We can improve your investment returns by help helping you :

  1. Paying less fees
  2. Remove surrender or early access penalties
  3. Align your asset allocation to your risk profile
  4. Utilize Discretionary Management
  5. Use properly regulated funds and ETF’s
  6. Ensure your structure is tax optimized for retirement.
How can I keep track of my investments After An Expat Pension Review?

We help clients keep track of their portfolios with the following:

Monthly investment valuation emails so clients can see their monthly portfolio balance and any changes that month.

Latest smartphone app so you can check your portfolio any time of day or night.

Regular servicing reviews every twice a year with an experienced investment adviser. Either online or face to face.

The latest online fund switching software to switch any funds within the clients portfolio to enable easy fund changes.

Investment Fund ManagementAccess to top fund manager portfolios that are performing best in current market conditions


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