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Expat Pension Fund Management and Fund Switching

Expat Pension Fund Management and Fund Switching
Expat Pension Fund Management and Fund Switching

We can offer quarterly expat fund management and fund switching servicing and advice on regular saving plans. These often used for children’s education plans and general wealth building from clients regular salary and are generally paid monthly but they can also be paid quarterly, half yearly and also annually. Our clients receive investment summaries, news and investment updates via email to keep them updated on market news to give them a little insight into how the markets may affect their investment portfolio and also how their portfolios are performing. We send these out every month so clients can see each month if their portfolio has risen in value, reduced or even stayed the same.

Half Yearly Investment Portfolio Reviews

On top of the regular monthly portfolio updates clients also receive a quarterly performance review of their portfolio from one of our experienced portfolio advisers. We provide in house software that is viewed from the browser on your pc or tablet to show you in graphic detail how the portfolio has performed. Communication between the client can be made via any phone based call app such as whatsapp – wechat or viber. If the client likes to see their adviser and they are based in another country from our adviser we can easily use face to face software such as Skype or Facetime or any combination of the software mentioned here and many others available that are not mentioned. Clients are also provided with an app for their latest smartphone so that they can check any time of day or night the performance of their portfolio or even catch up with market news and make switching of any funds. Normally fund switches are performed by our adviser when the quarterly review is performed as they have further data available from Financial Express Analytics software which allows better portfolio construction and insights along with accurate monitoring.

We also provide the above servicing for the below investment plans and savings vehicles:

Pension & Retirement Advice

Service and advice on new and existing Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP’s) and Qualified Recognized Overseas Pensions (QROP’s). We offer impartial advice on the suitability and/or viability of moving your UK pension. Potential benefits include reduced tax liability, estate planning opportunities, greater investment choice and consolidation.

Investment Plan Advice

Service and advice on insurance based offshore personal pensions/retirement plans.

Portfolio Bonds and Regular Savings Plan Advice

Service and advice on single premium, portfolio bond, pension and ‘wrapper’* platforms.

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UK Expat Pension Reviews specializes in Pension Transfers, UK expat pensions, Expat Life Insurance, Expat Mortgage Finance and Expat Savings and Investments. We offer comprehensive services tailored to the needs of expatriates. Our dedicated team provides expert guidance and assistance in evaluating and optimizing pension portfolios for UK expats worldwide. Whether you're looking to transfer your pension or seeking advice on maximizing your retirement savings, UK Expat Pension Reviews is committed to delivering personalized solutions and ensuring financial security for our clients.

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