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Expat Group Health Insurance

Expat Group Health Insurance
Expat Group Health Insurance

Expat Group health insurance cover for members of your workforce is vital to your companies growth and continued success and so is each individual member of your team. Whether you are a small startup or big fully fledged business protecting your workforce is of paramount importance to continued growth and success. So protecting them makes good business sense. The advance in group health insurance cover has accelerated over the last 5 years with employers realizing that the employees are the lifeblood of the business and with the ever competitiveness of health provider companies that there are plans available for all sized companies. Group medical insurance cover provides comprehensive, yet affordable group health insurance schemes for startups to take away the financial worries incurred by your team’s healthcare costs, so you can focus on growing your company.

Group Health Small Startups

Coverage up to 4 employees

  • Different levels of cover to fit your budget
  • Cashless Treatment and no-claims hassle at designated hospitals and wide network of clinics
  • Guaranteed lifetime renewal covers you for life
  • No extra subscription because of claims
  • Discount for joint enrollments
  • Choices of individual schemes

Group Health Small to Medium Sized Business

Coverage for 5 – 50 employees

Group health insurance benefits for employees are essential for recruitment and retention of talents, but it is not easy to find cover with great value at affordable cost, yet backed up by quality services. Health coverage helps SMEs to overcome the challenges by providing health insurance with stable group health insurance premiums, proven services and access to wide network of clinics which accepts medical cards and offers cashless treatment.

  • Stable premium: Renewal premium is more stable compared to tailor-made schemes
  • Large medical network: Access up to 2,200 network doctors and facilities
  • Great value: Offering annual dental scaling services that everyone can utilize
  • No claim hassle: Cashless Treatment and no claims hassles at designated hospitals and wide network of clinics
  • Round-the-clock support: Fast and responsive 24-hour customer service hotline
  • Package options: Three choices of schemes catered to fit different benefit and budget levels
  • Some of the above features are applicable to specific schemes.

Packaged schemes’ featured benefits

-Hospital and Surgical Benefit
-Clinical Benefit
-Dental Benefit
-Maternity Benefit
-Hospital Cash Benefit
-Medical Cards

Group Health Medium & Large Business

Coverage for 50 – 500 employees

For medium to large companies, a corporate health insurance policy or corporate group medical insurance needs to be flexible enough to meet the more complicated employee benefit requirements. At the same time, cost containment of medical expenses becomes a significant issue as your workforce continues to become larger. UK expat pension reviews performs as a top-notch health specialist in Hong Kong, offering insights, solutions, and recommendations to help medium and large companies overcome these challenges and look after the health and well-being of their employees.

Key capabilities and advantages

  • Specialist services: Our experienced and dedicated corporate health specialists will provide services and recommendations from setup, management to review of your scheme.
  • Tailor-made schemes: The comprehensive benefit options make it flexible to fulfill the employee benefit requirements of a sophisticated organisational structure.
  • Large medical network: Access up to 2,200 network doctors and facilities
  • Cost containment: A variety of solutions including provider network, wellness programmes and other specialized services can help control healthcare cost inflation.
  • Analytics and insights: Making use of data such as claims analytics, company health risk profile and healthcare trend can help companies identify and anticipate potential health issues that can be addressed by our recommendations.
  • Continuity of cover: Your employees are offered guaranteed conversion to our designated individual schemes to continue their cover after retirement or end of group cover.
  • Workplace Health Solutions
  • Our work health solutions aim to make a positive impact on your employees’ health and well-being. Our workplace health professionals will recommend targeted programmes for your workplace based on your company’s health profile, needs and priorities.
Large Businesses and Corporate Group Health Cover

Coverage for more than 500 employees

Employers of large corporations are in need of a holistic employees health strategy to address sophisticated healthcare needs arising from diversified workforce, health issues, healthcare cost, and the company’s long-term vision for the employees’ health and well-being. As a broker that recommends corporate group health insurance cover and  a healthcare partner to your company, we share our in-depth knowledge and insights from our global expertise and local experience in serving large corporations in Hong Kong to develop a holistic healthcare solution for your company.

Key capabilities and advantages

  • Capability of operations: Our healthcare partners are one of the few top-notch health insurers with the operational capacity and capability to support the complexity and volume of services for large corporations.
  • Global knowledge and expertise: Our partners are a global healthcare company funding health as well as running hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities in different healthcare systems worldwide. In Hong Kong, Quality Health Care, one of the largest private clinic networks, is part of our partners forte’s. This unique background enables us to bring the best of our global knowledge in healthcare funding, medical data analytics, and employees’ wellness to the local market.
  • Local experience and credentials: In Hong Kong, our partners expertise in healthcare and reputation in service quality has gained the trust of more than 400,000 individuals and 3,200 companies including heavy-weights in public utility and telecom industries. We have one of the largest medical networks that enables us to provide cashless treatment and cost containment.
  • Workplace health solutions
  • Our partners work health solutions aim to make a positive impact on your employees’ health and well-being. Our workplace health professionals will recommend targeted programmes ranging from targeted programs to comprehensive health risk diagnostics and wellness strategy.

Workplace Health Solutions

A holistic and well-implemented workplace health plan can positively impact the success of an organisation. It can reduce illness and employee absenteeism, whilst also increasing productivity and loyalty. Well-being is much more than just diet and exercise; it is about everything an individual needs to be at their best, inside and out.

Our partners workplace health solutions aim to support and improve employee health and well-being by providing a framework to guide your workplace health plan. They offer flexible solutions to support companies who want one to two targeted wellness products or services, through to those looking for a regular calendar of wellness events in their workplace, as well as organisations requiring a comprehensive health risk diagnostics and wellness strategy.

The Workplace Health Team can customize your work health plan to incorporate existing and new programmes. Our targeted solutions can assist your workforce with increasing individual understanding, skills and provide a positive impact to their health & well-being.

For an employer, it is a great opportunity to unlock a healthier, happier, higher performing workforce, by empowering your workforce to better manage their wellbeing, at work and beyond.

Key key features of tailor-made plans are:

  • Client-oriented and tailor-made plans that suit the needs of companies of different sizes, from SME to multinational corporations.
  • Comprehensive hospitalization and out-patient covers
  • Simple application procedure with no proof of health nor underwriting is required under most tailor-made plan settings
  • Easy administration – claims will be paid directly to the employees’ designated bank account. Before policy renewal, a detailed claims report will be provided for employers’ information
  • Injuries arising from terrorism are covered
    Complimentary Sun Life Financial Privilege Care Card
  • Quality medical services provided designated medical networks and physicians. Sun Life only partners with reputable medical network and medical services providers with consistent quality reviews
  • All benefits can be extended to your employee’s spouse and children at an affordable cost
  • 24-hour worldwide cover
  • Hospitalization and Surgical Expenses Benefit, including room and board, surgical fees and miscellaneous hospitalization expenses
    Optional Supplementary Major Medical Benefit
  • Out-patient Clinical Expenses Benefit, including doctor’s consultation fees, physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment as well as diagnostic X-ray and laboratory tests, which are referred by a general medical practitioner
  • Optional Maternity Benefit
  • Optional Dental Benefit

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